Our Solutions

Our deep experience helps financial institutions increase revenue, reduce costs, improve customer experience, create efficiencies, mitigate risk, and enhance products


Fintech in short is financial technology and innovation that competes with, complements, or integrates with traditional financial services.  AscentBT helps financial services firms navigate and capitilize on the Fintech environment.  Solutions:

  • Industry Briefings
  • Strategy Development
  • Product Due Diligence and Evaluation
  • Competitive Risk Assessments
  • Product Implementation and Integration


Success starts with a sound strategy.  This can apply to the overall institution, lines of business, operations, IT, or other domains.  AscentBT provide mature methodologies to help institutions develop successful strategies.  Solutions:

  • Strategy Workshops
  • Go To Market Evaluations
  • Future State Development
  • Current State Evaluation
  • Financials Assessment
  • Roadmap Development
  • Detailed Planning

Customers want simpler processes, more features, faster service, current state channels, quality information, and consistency across channels.  AscentBT can help customers improve any of these key pillars.  Solutions:

  • Channel Return Analysis
  • Digital Strategy and Development
  • Customer Touchpoint Evaluation
  • Current State Channel Evaluation
  • Channel Product Selection
  • Customer Service Level Evaluation
  • Data and Analytics Strategy Development

Payment Solutions

The payment solutions offered by a financial services institution are critical to its ability to be competitive.  The integration of these payment systems into the overall technology ecosystem can be complex and challenging.  Solutions: 

  • Payment Solution Strategy
  • Payment Solution Selection
  • Payment Solution Integration
  • Payment Solutions P&L Evaluation
  • Payment Solution Current State Evaluation

Productivity Improvement

Productivity is a function of people, process, and tools.  Improved productivity can result in reduced cost, faster time to market, better customer experience, and increased capacity.  Productivity improvement is an essential requirement.  Solutions: 

  • Enterprise Productivity Improvement Program Development
  • Current State Measurement
  • Tools Eavaluation
  • Current State Evaluation
  • Organization Evaluation
  • Process Evaluation

Cost Reduction

Constant vigilance on cost controls is critical to meeting quarterly financial and EPS targets.  Effectively managing costs without doing harm to customer experience, operations, or the institutional risk profile services is also critical.  Solutions:

  • Enterprise Cost Reduction Program Development
  • P&L Expense Analysis
  • Contract Evaluation
  • Organizational Evaluation


Meeting operating requirements while complying with internal policies and procedures, regulatory requirements and exams, and internal and external audit at an affordable cost is challenging and essential.  Solutions:

  • FFIEC, SOX, GLBA (and other regulatory) Compliance Planning and Remediation
  • Policy, Procedure, and Best Practices Development
  • Organizational Maturity and Capability Assessment
  • Regulatory Exam Preparation
  • Vendor Management Program Development
  • GRC Business and ROI Impact Analysis
  • Risk Management Programs


Executive leadership within an institution is critical to fulfilling the organization’s mission and goals.  The executive leader of an organization or operating unit must set the strategy, direction and tone while building the organization and trust.  Solutions: 

  • Interim and Transition Leadership
  • First 100 Day Planning
  • Team Onboarding
  • Program Maturity Assessment
  • Restart Strategies

Product and Services Integration

World class end-to-end customer experience, product management, risk mitigation, and operations execution requires complex and seamless integration between applications, processes, and people internal and external to the institution.  Solutions:   

  • Integration Strategy
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Future State Design
  • Current State Baselining
  • Implementation Planning
  • Business Justification
  • Implementation

Data and Analytics

Targeted marketing and increased customer wallet share, a better client experience, fraud reduction, and managing portfolio and operations risk are just a few pillars that rely upon a strong data and analytics strategy.  Solutions:

  • Data Inventory Baselining
  • Data Business Strategy
  • Analytics Maturity Assessment
  • Operations Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Fraud Analytics
  • Portfolio Management Analytics